Samitaur Constructs

A highly experienced, diversified and multifunctional urban development and property management firm, Samitaur Constructs (Samitaur) built, owns and provides core support for Samitaur Tower I as well as the other Towers that will follow.

Beyond the Samitaur Towers concept, the company is celebrated for its positive impact on community redevelopment and revitalization over the past 35 years of operation in Los Angeles and for the cutting-edge architectural style that distinguishes its projects.

Samitaur has successfully developed and leased over one million square feet of architecturally innovative office and studio space – easily valued at over $180 million – bringing thousands of new, well-paying jobs, as well as increasing local property values and tax revenues – over 700 percent in most cases – with only 2.2 percent gentrification on an annual basis.

In addition to its properties already in operation, Samitaur has over 600,000 square feet of office, retail and parking space currently in development, and is actively seeking new investment and development opportunities. Central to these development achievements are Samitaur’s:

  • Experienced construction management team, which typically oversees the development projects from start to finish
  • Expertise in renovating and redeveloping former industrial properties, which encompasses proactively identifying and remediating toxic surface and subsurface contamination endemic to most of these sites
  • Demonstrated capabilities in the cost-effective and environmentally sensitive reuse of structures, emphasizing energy efficiency, conservation and historic value, as well as integrating green elements into construction renovations
  • Proven track record of attracting, leasing and managing high-quality tenants for its converted spaces, which includes multiple national credit tenants who offer well-paid, living-wage jobs to their employees
  • Success in establishing positive community relations and acceptance of its development proposals in disadvantaged neighborhood settings, which is based in no small part on the job opportunities that its developments bring to the communities involved

Samitaur Constructs has received numerous awards for architecture, urban development and public service, including multiple awards from the American Institute of Architects and the Urban Land Institute. The firm has also been recognized by the Dedalo-Minosse Urban Design Award, given in conjunction with the European Union. Samitaur projects have been displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna (the MAK) and the Venice Biennale, among other international exhibitions, art galleries and museums.