Samitaur takes me there.

Samitaur Develops

Helen Maybring finishes cleaning her last hotel room at six, and catches the bus for her long trek home. The walk from her stop curves through long staccato rows of houses humming dinnertime songs. Groceries pushed up against squeaking doors; clanging pots and pans. So Helen takes the long way round, to enjoy the rhythms of the neighborhood’ s dance. And to drop in at Russia’s Marinsky where Gergiev adds the music to her beloved L.A. Samitaur takes me there.

Conjuntive Points

Best known for transforming the Hayden Tract area of Culver City, Samitaur created Conjunctive Points, a mixed-use neighborhood of creative work space, restaurants, grassy parks and — with the addition of Samitaur Tower I — exhibit and performance space for the many dimensions of culture. This new concept for an urban business park is a living model — a paradigm for a new renaissance — on how art and science, architecture and business, private enterprise and government can come together to produce sustainable social change in the community. Once one of the most deteriorated and crime-ridden industrial areas of the region, Conjunctive Points is now home to upscale media firms, production houses, creative agencies, high-tech companies and large, national corporations.