Samitaur takes me there.

Samitaur Enriches

Roman is struggling with math, puzzled patterns plaguing his thoughts. He doesn’t think his teacher is right, but surely that can’t be true. He’s only 12, and OMG his teachers are adults, have studied all their lives. He arrived at the same answers as they did, but they were displeased his numbers weren’t in the right sequence. Just like Einstein, he thinks. His Mom had taken him to hear the great scientist just last week, and Einstein’s thought experiments made perfect sense to him. So maybe Mom could take his L.A. teachers to hear Einstein at Princeton too. And Einstein could show them some problems that looked like his. Samitaur takes me there.

Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith

Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith are the founders of Samitaur Constructs, owners/builders of Samitaur Tower I and Conjunctive Points, and developers of future Towers. For the past 35 years, the couple has focused on improving the human condition and been renowned for the development of blighted urban areas that, in turn, create jobs and lasting community revitalization. Equally passionate about enriching the human experience, the Samitaur Smiths are committed to inspiring individuals, society and culture, infusing their appreciation for the best in human endeavor into business, professional and personal ventures alike.

With The Samitaur Towers concept, the Samitaur Smiths combine their life’s work with a promise to bring the best in the arts, sciences and humanities to a worldwide audience, creating a renaissance in the many facets of contemporary culture.